Site Clearance

Experts in site clearance

Heathrow Industrial Recycling are the experienced and equipped contractor of choice to clear any site or strip out ready for redevelopment. We have successfully cleared or stripped out hundreds of sites of scrap metals, wood work, rubble and building waste; any waste whatsoever, even hazardous waste, is safely easily removed.

We pride ourselves on a fast turnaround and can quickly clear any site, leaving it safe and secure. Whatever your site needs clearing of, we are ready to get it efficiently removed and recycled. On average 80% of your waste is recycled with Heathrow Industrial Recycling.

20 and 40-yard skips

We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient site clearance service at Heathrow Industrial Recycling. With that in mind, we have our fleet of 20 and 40-yard skips ready and waiting to go to site to be filled with all your unwanted waste materials for recycling.

Heavy lifting? No problem

Even if your site contains the bulkiest of waste, from girders, derelict machinery, timber beams or stone work; basically, we can lift anything off your site and transport it away. At Heathrow Industrial Recycling we have the capacity to crane it out and the right vehicles needed to remove it from site; leaving the cleared space that you need to get your project started.

48-hour quotes

You know that your site needs clearing, or your building needs a full strip out; but you also need to know what it is going to cost you. Heathrow Industrial Recycling we will provide you with a site visit, evaluation and quotation within 48-hours of your enquiry.

No job too big, or small

We are Achilles registered for complete health and safety piece of mind and have a complete waste carriers license; as well as a proven track record of conducting excellent clearance services for all types of projects, from large challenging industrial work to reclamation after a complete demolition. Our professional staff can handle and remove your waste, even if the materials are hazardous – including asbestos, batteries and ozone depleting substances.

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site clearance
site clearance