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Demolition & Site Clearance

Every week/month we have new demolition and site clearance jobs come in, this one was a site clearance job which was done and dusted within the week.

Call us on 0208 166 1221 if you have anything you need cleared.

Site Strip-out

Our team of experts always put safety first especially on these heavy lifting jobs. We have the vehicles and staff to be able to do these heavy machinery site clearance jobs. This was a complete strip-out two of the biggest water pumps ever built they were fitted in the 50’s and never used.

If you have any large machinery you need cleared call us today on 0208 166 1221 you might even be able to make a small bonus back in scrap. For strip-outs call us today on 0208 166 1221.

NEW Scrap Yard London & Heathrow

After a great 2014 we decided the one thing our company was missing out on was a scrap yard for our clients and customers. Not only does this help bring all of our demolition site clearance scrap internal it also helps locals and customers to get rid of there unwanted scrap metal at a great price.

If you have a site you would like cleared or just want a price on your scrap metal then call us today on 0208 166 1221.


Our scarp yard first opened in January 2015, so far we are doing very well and it works great with our demolition work because now we can recycle internally.


Since opening the Scarp Yard we have hired a new site manager who will be able to help you with all your scrap and get you the best price. We are growing and expanding every month so we will keep you posted.


Why did we open a Scrap Yard? Well since we have taken on so many demolition jobs over the past few years it made sense to open a scrap yard and offer our clients the best deal, also some clients would never have though about making money on scrap so this is an added bonus for you.